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We at Douglass Family Publishing (DFP) encourage the proper and authorized use of our copyrighted material (“Intellectual Property”). Therefore, we ask that all publishers honor copyright laws that apply to use of our material. Usually, book excerpts up to 300 words may be quoted in published material at no charge, as long as permission is obtained from Douglass Family Publishing (DFP) and proper credit is given to DFP, with inclusion of our website URL: When excerpts of greater than 300 words are requested, then a licensing agreement may or may not be required.

In all cases, prior to any excerpt use in any format, we require that you send us a formal “Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material” using the template provided below (you may modify it as needed). Please allow approximately 1 week to receive a response from us. We prefer that your communications be made via email to: email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Thank you for your interest in DFP’s copyrighted materials and for honoring international copyright laws.


Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material:

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[Insert Date]

Copyright Permissions Department
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Dear Douglass Family Publishing (DFP):

I am writing to request permission to reprint the Material (as defined below) from the following publication that you hold rights to:

Author: William Campbell Douglass, MD
Date of Original Publication:

I intend to use the following selection from the original published work: ______________________________________________________________ (the “Material”). The Material represents approximately _________ % of the original published work. [Or alternatively: I have enclosed copies of the Material with this communication for your convenience.]

The Material will be used as follows, without deletions from, additions to, or changes in the text thereof: _______________________________________________________________________________.

The Material [will not be used in a seminar or other educational activity] or [will be used in a seminar or other educational activity as follows: ________________________________________________________________________.]

I hereby request non-exclusive [worldwide] rights, for this [volume][issue][edition] only. If you are not the copyright holder, or if permissions from other sources are needed to obtain [worldwide] rights, please let me know and indicate the person or company to which such requests should be directed.

I hereby acknowledge that any and all use of the material will be accompanied with proper credit to Dr. William Campbell Douglass and Douglass Family Publishing, including inclusion of the website URL:

I acknowledge that submission of this request does not constitute permission, and that any use of any copyrighted text owned by DFP is unauthorized unless and until I have received a signed letter of permission or agreement. I further acknowledge that if any additional terms of usage or administrative fees are required by DFP, then a signed letter of permission or agreement from DFP may be withheld until such requirements are fulfilled.

Yours Truly,

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