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About Dr. William Campbell Douglass III MD, MS

Dr. William Campbell Douglass III MD, MSDr. William Campbell Douglass III MD, MS

Dr. Douglass is passionate about teaching topics conducive to health and healing. He was taught from an early age by his father (William Campbell Douglass II, MD) to keep open minded about science-based nutrition, natural therapies and natural products research. As CEO of Douglass Family Publishing, and via his anticipated online educational venture “That’s Good Medicine”, Dr. Douglass III continues the legacy of finding, assessing and reporting truths about the art and science of medicine, health and healing. Both Dr. Douglass’s tend to ‘drop the bomb on modern medicine’ in order to effectuate what they both consider a long-needed, deep ‘internal cleansing’ of the predominant allopathic-based medical paradigm (‘conventional medicine’), and to help advance mainstream science-based integrative medicine modalities.

Dr. Douglass graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and finished a Master’s degree in Nutrition at Purdue University after researching the anti-tumor effects of beta-carotene on breast cancer (beta carotene showed clear anti-tumor activity). Convinced that nutrition and medicine are ideal for teaching important health principles, and contributing to the advancement of medicine, he pursued the MD degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He is board certified in Family Practice and has practiced ‘Integrative’ and Emergency Medicine for many  years.

The current medical system is inherently flawed because it is driven predominantly by the pharmaceutical industry. There is a plethora of pharmaceutical products (artificial substances, ‘drugs’), but many promising natural products and approaches are left as ‘orphans,’ not because they are ineffective or dangerous, but because they cannot be patented and thus have little chance of being marketed properly. ‘Big Pharma’ has the multi-million dollar advertising and R&D budgets to leverage the FDA and FTC for approval, lobby congress, pay ‘drug detail men,’ influence publications in medical journals, and pay expensive media outlets to promote their synthetic, patented drugs. Natural approaches to health and healing do not have these financial and political advantages because natural products are not patentable. Despite these disadvantages, an increasingly informed public is demanding many of the safe, effective and affordable ‘integrative medicine’ modalities.

Dr. Douglass doesn’t think or teach that drugs – and modern medicine in general – are somehow entirely bad or evil. However, it is clear that natural products and many of the ‘alternative’ therapeutic approaches have significantly less economic advantage than pharmaceutical approaches, in the highly competitive marketplace of treating the multitude of diseases.

In some ways Dr. Douglass is like a Naturopath philosophically – not just a ‘conventional doctor.’ He had applied initially to a Naturopathic medical school, but on his dad’s advice decided to get the M.D. training instead. Still, Dr. Douglass emphasizes the importance of largely forgotten ancient wisdom of medical greats like Hippocrates and Samuel Hahnemann. With Douglass Family Publishing and That’s Good Medicine – and related products and services – Dr. Douglass hopes to contribute to mainstreaming integrative medicine – largely by highlighting the scientific evidence behind natural products and so-called ‘alternative’ therapies. What’s in the Douglass name? Strong advocacy for Good Medicine!