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About Dr. William Campbell Douglass II MD

Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, MD

William Campbell Douglass II, MD

Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, MD (1926 – 2015).

Dr. Douglass came from a distinguished family of physicians. He was the fourth generation Douglass to practice medicine and his son, William Campbell Douglass III is also a physician. Dr. Douglass graduated from the University of Rochester, the University of Miami School of Medicine, the Naval School of Aviation and Space Medicine and then served as a Navy flight surgeon before starting his medical career in the private sector.

Dr. Douglass revealed medical truths, and deceptions, often at risk of being labeled heretical. He was consumed by a passion for living a long healthy life, and wanted his readers to share that passion. Their health and well-being came first. He was anti-dogmatic and unwavering in his dedication to improve the quality of life of his readers. He has been called “the conscience of modern medicine” and a “medical maverick”. His medical experiences were far reaching, from fighting deadly epidemics at his own health clinic in Africa, to flying with U.S. Navy crews as a flight surgeon, to working for 10 years in emergency medicine in the United States.

This dedicated physician repeatedly went far beyond the call of duty in his work to spread the truth about integrating the best science-based medical therapies from all medical disciplines (“alternative medicine”). For a full year, he endured economic and physical hardship to work with physicians at the Pasteur Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he contributed to research on ultraviolet blood irradiation, UBI (“photoluminescence”).

These learning experiences and his keen storytelling ability and wit make the works of Dr. Douglass’ uniquely interesting and fun to read. He shared a no-frills, “no-bull” approach to health care, often amazing his readers by instructing them to ignore many widely-hyped, supposedly good-health practices (like staying away from red meat, avoiding coffee, drinking water all day, and eating like a bird), and start living again by eating REAL food, taking some inexpensive supplements, and doing pleasurable things that make life livable – even an occasional cigar.

Dr. Douglass was not afraid to debunk latest ‘expert’ research reports and share the real story with his readers. He led a colorful, rebellious, and crusading life! Not many physicians would dare put their professional reputations on the line as many times as this courageous healer did. A vocal opponent of “business-as-usual” medicine, Dr. Douglass championed patients’ rights and physician commitment to wellness throughout his career.

We are thankful for his knowledge, understanding, fearlessness, patriotism and humor – especially his legacy as a father, friend and medical maverick.

Borrowing words from his latest newsletter publisher (NewMarket Health, an Agora company): “While our bodies may come with an expiration date, the truth doesn’t”.

The legacy continues with our books and other publications.

May he rest in peace.