Integrating the best from all medical disciplines


Douglass Family Publishing

Goals: To offer high quality medical information to the public, to promote and optimize health for people of all ages, and to contribute to the advancement of safe and effective medicine.

History: At inception in 2010, Douglass Family Publishing was fortunate to have been granted ownership of the works of Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, MD, well known author of over twenty-two (22) books primarily in the realm of “Integrative Medicine” (“alternative medicine”), including such titles as Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle, Into the Light and The Raw Truth About Milk.

Integrative Medicine (our definition): The amalgamation and application of the best from all medical disciplines. The terms ‘alternative medicine’ and subsequently ‘complimentary-alternative medicine’ were previously used for this class of medical information, but those names have fallen out of favor as so many of the so-called ‘alternative therapies’ have become increasingly more conventional – and integrated – due largely to the plethora of supportive scientific evidence and public demand for them.

About Dr. William Campbell Douglass II MD

About Dr. William Campbell Douglass III MD, MS