The Milk Book

The Milk Book has been revised and expanded and is now
The Raw Truth About Milk

The Milk Book – How Science Is Destroying Nature’s Neatly Perfect Food. Children are denied whole milk because pediatricians are obsessed with the cholesterol myth. These same gutless wonders don’t say anything about children drinking half-a-dozen bottles of Coca-Cola a day, stating before breakfast! But kids can’t get a decent glass of milk. Adding vitamin D to milk is a risky business. The New England Journal of Medicine reported many cases of vitamin D intoxication resulting from excessive fortification of commercial milk. Today, you can’t get a decent glass of milk. Even if you buy whole milk, thinking it is better than that sickly blue stuff called skim, you can’t win, because all of the commercial milk is homogenized. I am convinced that homogenization is even more detrimental to the nutritional quality of milk than the heat processing called pasteurization.

Author: William Campbell Douglass II MD
ISBN: 9789962636540
314 pages
Out of print