Color Me Healthy

“He’s crazy!” “He’s got to be a quack!” “Who gave this guy his medical license?” “He’s a nut case!” In case you’re wondering, those are the reactions you’ll probably get if you show your doctor this report. I know the idea of healing many common ailments simply by exposing them to colored light sounds far-fetched, but when you see the evidence, you’ll agree that color is truly an amazing medical breakthrough. When I first heard the stories, I reacted much the same way. But the evidence so convinced me, that I had to try color therapy in my practice. My results were truly amazing. I know it’s hard to believe, but color therapy really works. And not just for external wounds. It also works for many internal ailments at which modern medicine just throws useless drugs and surgery.

Author: William Campbell Douglass II MD
ISBN: 9789962636106
64 pages
Out of Print