Palm trees collection a road with community homes in San Marino.

The countywide lead testing results were originally released to Reuters on March 30 in response to a records request. These were part of a tale the news company published on Apr 20 examining the responsibility of lead publicity on kids in the L.A. Region. The info showed many neighborhood areas in which a higher rate of children tested for lead had elevated results. That stoked concern among citizens in areas like San Marino, south of Pasadena just. The county got reported that 17 % of tests in one San Marino census tract were elevated, at or above the CDC threshold. The right figure was nearer to 1 %, the county determined. The error occurred due to a misinterpretation of laboratory results. The truth is, the lab acquired simply reported these exams returned below its recognition limit. Up to now, the county wellness department has just corrected its error for leads to San Marino.